Baptism is a powerful, visible sign of our new identity and belonging in a forgiven, Spirit-filled community of covenant partners in Christ.

We rejoice as a church family with each new disciple of Jesus Christ!

Adult Baptism

Any adult seeking to receive baptism is asked to become a Covenant Partner of our local congregation.

Note: In the Reformed tradition, the focus of baptism is on God’s faithfulness. Therefore this sacrament need not be repeated.

For information on Adult Baptism, contact Brian Kay.

Brian Kay
Assistant Pastor of Connections and Community Groups
925.935.1574 x114
Student Baptism

Students (normally 9th grade and older) seeking baptism are asked to participate in the Confirmation Class, which is an opportunity to come together and learn about our faith, experience mentoring by adult members of the congregation, and, in the end, present themselves to session as candidates for covenant partnership.

For information on Student Baptism, contact Matt Doherty.

Matt Doherty
Director of Student Ministries
925.935.1574, x124
Infant/Child Baptism

The baptism of an infant or a child is a public testimony of anticipated grace.

Please note: Because baptism is a covenantal act in a local church setting, at least one parent is required to be a WCPres Covenant Partner.

For information on Infant and Child Baptism, contact Julie Gibson.