WCPC Foundation

We have all been taught that regular giving to the church is part of our stewardship responsibilities, that is, by giving a percentage of what we earn we recognize God’s ownership of us all. However, as good stewards it is also important to thoroughly plan the distribution of our estates.

Your estate is a sacred trust. It has been accumulated as a result of your labors and God’s blessing. Therefore, as a part of our total life of stewardship, we should spend the necessary time to do a thorough job in planning for its distribution.

WCPC Foundation has been established to help focus on this aspect of stewardship.


The WCPC Foundation is provide and honored to announce the recipients of the High School and Seminary Scholarship(s) for 2020.  We are excited for their future as they progress in growing and living Christian valued lives going their different ways for higher education.

Questions & Answers
WCPC Foundation is a tax exempt corporation formed in 1995 to support the programs of Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church. Its purpose is to provide a vehicle for WCPC’s member and friends to remember the church in their wills or memorials and be assured that such funds will be administered for the benefit of Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church programs, but separate from the annual operating budget.
Board of Directors

Richard Osicka - Chair
Ron Johnson - Treasurer
Donna Feehan - Secretary
Bill Herbert - Scholarships

Ian Lee - Investments
Steve Seto - Attorney
Jan Worswick - Seminars