Hello Student Ministry! 

Matt here, I wanted to check in and give us all a pre-Summer update. June is coming faster and faster, and I can't believe we are already halfway through may! Our update will partly be answering the question:

Welcome Students to Ecclesiastes: Life and its Meaning!


At a time where we face deep uncertainty, experience meaninglessness, and are surrounded by life that looks more like death, Ecclesiastes speaks loudest. The Preacher offers Wisdom from their perspective that, "Nothing is new under the sun," and "All is vanity!" Ecclesiastes does not leave us with meaninglessness, but it certainly forces us to sit in that tension. How do we live with this tension? What Wisdom is offered here? These questions and more are what we'll be exploring in this weekly series, Ecclesiastes: Life and its Meaning. Grab a Bible, Journal, Pen, and join us on this journey! 

Week 7 - 5/12

Week 6 - 5/5

Week 5 - 4/30

Week 4 - 4/21

Week 3 - 4/14

Week 2 - 4/7

Week 1 - 3/31