Showing and sharing Christ’s transforming love

We live in a growing and changing neighborhood. In the past two years, 1500 new apartment and condo units have been built within just one mile of our campus. Many new residents are moving into the immediate geographic area as a result. Soon, 400 new residents will move in right across the street from WCPres on Lacassie Ave. Most of these residents will be young professionals seeking easy access to their BART commute.

Meanwhile, the Monument Corridor (MC), one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Contra Costa County, is just five miles from WCPres. Sixty-three percent of the MC population is living below the federal poverty line, lacking the basic needs of food and security as gentrification drives housing costs up farther than the average family can afford.

Our goal is to enter into sustained relationships and partnerships in our community, treating people as people, not projects—to bless them with the love of Jesus Christ.


be with people in their world


learn their story


embody the good news


share our story


share God's story

Some ways the WCPres Outreach Ministry is currently inviting the congregation to reach out to the community: