Personal Faith Shape

The key to riding a bike is balance.  On a bike we maintain balance by maintaining forward momentum.  We achieve forward momentum by pressing on the pedals.

Mike Breen compared our spiritual lives to riding a bike.  We press on the pedals of repentance and belief to achieve forward momentum in our spiritual lives, and by so doing we (hopefully) remain balanced.  His group 3DMinistries utilizes this principle and others to invest in the lives of church leaders across the world.  They use “faith shapes” to simply illustrate complex principles. 

The purpose of this analysis is to select key traits that can be indicative of the health and strength of our relationship with God, our relationship with people we are in community with, and people to whom we are doing outreach. Another way of saying that is, this tool seeks to help us analyze the health and strength of our “Up,” our “In,” and our “Out.”

Please look over the following 15 categories and reflect on how well you are living each out , according to Biblical teachings.  Rank each category on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being ‘very poor’ and 10 being ‘excellent.’
Optional: For an even more comprehensive evaluation, ask people close to you to rate you on the categories as well, and average the numbers together.

I hope you find this helpful!

Tom Butler

Personal Evaluation

Rank each category on a scale of  1 (very poor) to 10 (excellent), based on how you are doing in that area.

  • 12345678910
    Personal/Spiritual Growth
    Bible Study
    Discipleship (self and others)
    Accountability (to self and others)
    Boldness in Faith
    Love for Others
    Service to Needy
    Personal Faith in God