Pray, Play & Do Good Together Report

Dear Friends,

Last January, we as a church embarked on a thematic goal: Making it easy for young families to pray, play and do good together. As we approach both the end of this year and the end of this chapter of WCPres’ ministry under my and Pastor Paul’s leadership, it is very important to me that we finish well. I am so proud of the staff for pulling together to accomplish this goal, and wanted to share that success with you.

Pastor Morgan

15 New Families Connected to WCPres
20 New Families in Worship
Family-Friendly Campus Improvements
Launch Three Community Groups
Connect with 20 Young Men/Dads
20 Kids Doing Good Together
Improve Online Presence


15 New Families Connected to WCPres

Our first goal was to see 15 new families become involved in the life of our church. We wanted to see 5 new families come as a result of being invited by WCPres members; 5 new families come through our ministries like MOPs, MMO, Preschool, and Student Ministries; and 5 new families discover us online.

We exceeded our goal, and have 17 new families involved this year!


20 New Families in Worship

Our second goal was to have 20 new families join us for Sunday morning worship. While we have had many young couples and young families try out and/or become regular visitors to Sunday worship, we don’t have a “young family” box to check on the friendship pad so counting them accurately is a challenge.

Based on registrations for childcare and Sunday School, we can confirm that there are at least 17 new families involved in worship.


Family-Friendly Campus Improvements

Our third goal was to make our campus more family-friendly. We asked our young families what would make it easier to find their way on campus, enjoy their time here, and make new friends.

Here’s what we did:

  • Completed a patio remodel with a new play structure
  • Installed security cameras throughout the campus
  • Created an art and book cart for children while in the service
  • Improved signage around the campus
  • Included maps on the Children's check in table, so new parents know where to pick up their children after service
  • Turned the Bride’s Room into a Nursing Room
  • Created a Family Care Room with changing table outside the MPR
  • Added stepstools for toddlers in the adult bathrooms so kids can reach the sinks.


Launch Three Community Groups

Our fourth goal was to launch three community groups.

We launched four community groups – three for young families and one for young adults. There are total of 71 participants – 44 adults and 27 kids.


Connect with 20 Young Men/Dads

Our fifth goal was to connect with 20 young men and dads at least once a month.

Through events like the softball league, God Guys and Grub, Men’s Breakfast, and Men’s Retreat we have seen 25 young men and dads get more involved—and be better supported—by our faith community.


20 Kids Doing Good Together

Our sixth goal was to get 20 kids (and their families) involved in doing good together.

One way this has been most clearly seen lately was through the leadership and labor of Student Ministries for this year’s Deacon’s Food Drive. Rallying the congregation to collect canned goods and set them up on the chancel steps provided a powerful visual, and Deacon Nan Musso was deeply impressed by the three-plus hours that students gave to boxing all that food up for distribution.  About 150 families were provided complete boxes, with lots of individual food items left over.

Another key way we have sought to accomplish this goal is by including a service component to our Community Groups. Over the past five months Community Group families have participated in four different community service days, including Meadow Homes Elementary, Ygnacio HS Library and WCPres Spruce Up Day.


Improve Online Presence

Our final goal was to improve our online presence. We wanted a 25% increase in social media followers, a 25% increase in website hits, and 50 people/month watching video content.

Our Communications Team launched a completely new website and app, and have been working hard to create more online content, and produce our weekly eLife videos. As a result, we’ve seen a 19% increase in new followers on all media, a 60% increase in web hits, and 95 people per week watching the weekly eLife video.