Resource List for Such a Time as This

To further explore issues of Christianity, race, and justice.

The purpose of this list is to improve our listening skills. As you explore, some of these sources will evoke some “AMENs” and others some “NO WAYs”! The goal is not alignment, but deeper understanding. This resource list would be best explored in conversations with dialogue partners who are different from you--perhaps in ethnicity, age, education, vocation, gender, etc. Consider a community group context! Finally, this list is woefully inadequate and uneven in myriad ways, though one goal was to highlight authors of color. Please think of it as a short list for points of entry into conversation.

Finally, if you make use of only one resource on this page, my hope is that it is this one:

Moving Forward by Russ Whitfield


Film & TV


(Mass Incarceration, Great Migration, Death Penalty, Redlining)


“Counter Cultural”

Perhaps a “Counter Cultural” Perspective from Politically-Conservative Persons of Color

Childrens’ Books by Authors of Color

(To be read by children of all ethnicities)